About US

Lotus Europe is  OEM producer with specific interest on innovative and renovable Energy product.

Based in UK, Italy , China  and from 2015 Mexico , by sister company .www.valefab.com ,Lotus Europe working to develop products under own specification's and new application

With 14 engineers in Shenzhen , China, Lotus Europe it is at the forefront to the new concept with best R&D offices in China Manufacturer's

Lotus Europe is also supplier of Raw Materials like Silicon, Silicon ingot, Silicon wafer, solar cells and solar panel, the market reference for this product are for 97% China factories for the Raw Materials and worldwide for solar panel On-Grid and Off-Grid system..


Lotus Europe had a strategic alliance on Li-on and LiFepo4 battery with BMS ( Manage Booster System) for EV ( Electric Vehicles), Solar battery storage system and many others application